Server report for workbook permissions

Version 3

    Decoding object permissions is non-trivial, but I've been using something like the attached workbook to get an overview of permissions on projects, datasources, workbooks, views as well as only differences between projects & workbooks or workbooks & views.  Since Tableau permissions are "layered", I try to only use group-level permissions, and try to only have a user in a single group (per site), else the effective permissions a regular user has, becomes a combination of multiple groups/user/All-users grants. The report shows the different flavors of custom roles you have and what workbooks they apply to.

    Forum - workbook permissions.png

    Only allowed/denied permissions are reported, not inherited permissions.

    Permissions you see in Tableau don't correspond exactly to the way they are stored in Postgres. This is an approx translation.


    Forum - table vs displayed permissions.png

    Tested on 8.0, 8.1. I can strongly recommend EMS SQL Manager (free) for developing Postgres SQL. Please post your alternatives/improvements.