Scroll bars for large textbox -- alternatives

Version 2

    There was a post concerning how to keep a dashboard sized at a fixed height, yet have a text box that had more information in it than the allotted height.  Just using a textbox resulted in the bottom portion of the textbox to be chopped off -- not viewable by the user.


    The issue can be resolved by either of three four methods:

    1) modify the text of a parameter through the marks card -- this then will show scroll bars in 8.2 (thanks to Ville Tyrväinen and Matthew Lutton Question Slayer!!! - who suggested the approach)


    2) reduce the font sizes in the textbox so that scrolling isn't necessary.

    3) Increase the dashboard size so that the entire textbox is viewable (1000 height seems to work) -- the user will get scroll bars from their web browser when it is published to a Tableau server, and in Tableau Desktop.

    4) Create the textbox info as an image, then insert the image instead of the textbox. Tableau can auto-resize the image so that the entire image will always be viewable.  You can make one hyperlink active off of the image.