Discrete Fourier Transform - Identifying Cycles in a Time Series

Version 2

    Description: This workbook is designed to allow any user to repoint the Excel data connection to a spreadsheet with (at least) a date[time] column under name of [Datetime] and a measure column under name of [Time Series], and produce a bar chart showing from longest cycle to shortest, the amplitude (how much each cycle contributes to the time series), phase (how far into the respective cycles the time series began at), and how far into the current cycle the time series is currently at based on the user-specified date parameter.

    Here are two Tableau Public versions (warning! Slow loading times ~30 seconds for first, 2 minutes for second):





    Plotting Time Series as a Combination of Frequencies.png

    Tableau Version: 8.2

    Original Author: John Zong Zheng Chew