Server admin reports for workbooks, data connections, data sources, and their schedules

Version 8


    29July2016 - v9.3.1; Included Sites info; created folders for the data subsets; branched the "Data Sources with Scheduling" sheet into two sheets (same info, just detail presentation difference).



    The workbook will fail as soon as it is opened.  You will want to edit the connection to your Tableau Server when prompted; do so and then save it.

    This makes use of the tables on the Server db so you need full access to the underlying Postgre db that Tableau Server runs on.  For details see:  Create Custom Administrative Views.


    What it provides

    This workbook provides the Tableau Server administrator information about Data Connections, Data Sources, Workbooks, and Scheduling of them.  It is not meant to be comprehensive.  I originally made it to get information about Workbooks and their associated Data Connections -- I tried to link Data Source to Workbooks as well but I was spending too much time not being able to figure it out so hopefully someone smarter will one day solve it.


    This will get an admin started.  It's meant to be a stepping stone upon which the admin can use for their own purpopses.  For example, on the "Workbook to Data Connection" tab you can simply drag the "Workbook Name" pill to the end in order to get workbooks associated to a specific data connection:

    terkson - Thursday, November 13, 2014 1_59_00 PM - Tableau - DataSources_Schedules_Wkbks-PROD.jpg

    Changing things around, updating it, improving it for more flexibility/information would be great and I hope others will share their work.


    I renamed many fields to mimick what I see in the Administration panel in the Server.  I also aliased some fields and added Comments.  For those who have the time and a database exploration tool (the company I work for uses AQT) I'm sure a better meta-data layer could be added, more aliases added, etc.


    Visualization Disclaimer:

    I had set up the workbook on my large work monitor and it was readable.  Then I work on it some more at home, on my dinky laptop screen, and since there are NO HORIZONTAL SCROLL BARS I had to hide many of the cards to allow the columns to be visible.