Tableau Server Status Monitor

Version 5


    This automation process will send an email to the Tableau Server administrator when a Tableau Server process has a status other than RUNNING.

    We get the email when the Tableau Server has started but we have no clue when it goes down! By utilizing a task scheduler at a set interval we can now have a warning sent to us if the Tableau Server [application] goes down / is stopped.
    Note that this will NOT inform the Tableau admin if the physical server goes down. Where I work there is a separate IT administration team that handles that for me. The server supporting the Tableau Server application must be running in order for this helper application to work.


    This isn't for beginners. The admin who wants to do this will need to be comfortable with using basic batch scripts like DOS and VB; can create basic tasks in the Windows Task Scheduler. I tried to step through the setup in the documentation as simply as I can so if a beginner does attempt this they have a good chance of success...but I will not guarantee it. If you don't have the background/experience then you need to contact your most helpful IT person or forum to figure things out.


    7July2015:  Added /NoEmail parameter.  Allows turning off the email sending but still allows the file to be generated.  It was something I needed for testing so just decided to add it here in case anyone else would find it useful.