Mapping polygons and points together dual axis

Version 3

    Description: This is from a presentation to the Sacramento Area TUG in March 2014. It demonstrates how to plot polygon shapes and other location points on the same map. The example is for a radio station coverage and its donors in the Tacoma Washington area.


    This could be applied to service area and customers, police stations, fire departments, hospitals, etc. The examples use various color circles for the points, but shapes or a combination of shape and color could also be used.


    Also included are instructions, and a SQL query used to build the data set.


    Understanding how to build the data set is one of the biggest challenges. Tableau requires a single data set even though the polygon and points are completely unrelated data.


    If you think this should be made easier, and allow more than two mark types (i.e. dual axis), vote up one of the ideas on this:




    TUG demo 20140306.gif



    Tableau Version: 9.2 (originally built with v8.1)


    Original Author: Bill Lyons


    Credit: Many of the techniques used in this project came from a lecture given by Joe Mako at a Tableau Conference. Thank you so much, Joe!


    Edited 4/24/2016 bl - No data points were showing due to age of data scrolling outside the filter window. Changed filter to all available date range, and upgraded to version 9.2.