Tableau Server Alerts Alerter

Version 7

    Tableau Administrators, are you seeing !Alerts on your servers and your end users don't seem to be doing anything to fix them or aren't fixing them fast enough? Well, there will be no need to remind them with this automation process in place!


    There are four files and the scheduler of your choice that allow this to work. It uses a Tableau workbook to build the .csv file that is used to send the information to the owner of the offending alert. You can even have yourself copied on the emails if you wish. The scheduling and emailing of alerts all happens on your Tableau Server


    These are the files inside the .zip, including the documentation in Word:

    This is for server admins who have at least intermediate skills. Understanding of scripts, Tableau Desktop, and FULL READ-ACCESS to the Tableau Server PostgreSQL database are REQUIRED.

    Your Humble Tableau Server Padawan,

      Toby Erkson



        - Added a new command line parameter, /ShowTitle.  Allows the title of the object causing the alert to be appended to the email Subject Line.

        - Added the constant EMAIL_SUBJECT_LINE to the .wsf file.  Because the file can be copied to more than one server this just makes it a little easier to change the email subject line text for the particular server instead of having to search for it down in the code.


        -  For a much simpler method if you are using VizAlerts go here: Re: Alerts you've created, Alerts that you want