TCC14 Interactive Schedule Builder - *Final Update

Version 15

    Description: I started this workbook when a colleague and I were trying to coordinate where we were going to go at TCC14.  This is my first time going and I have lots of questions, so we wanted to get in as much as we can.  I was disappointed that there were not a lot of options to search/sort in the online schedule from Tableau Schedule | Tableau Conference 2014

    So I sent a quick chat to tableau support asking for the data so that we might plot it out ourselves.  The response was that they did not have the data available.  I thought "How is that possible?  They built the website!"  and then I remembered a blog post from Jewel Loree about  so I downloaded it and started scraping.  That task was surprisingly easy and I would encourage anyone to try it as I will definitely be using it in the future. After that I was on my way.

    As I completed this book last night I noticed that they added a filter tab which does make searching a lot easier.  I however still wanted to be able to build a schedule and view all days in the same view as well as see if certain seminars had other other times available.  I also wanted to know how far apart each seminar was to see if maybe I could catch half of a couple.  Anyway, here is my stab at making this whole schedule in tableau.  Don't blame me if you don't like the colors I was trying to pay homage to the original version from tableau.

    For those of you who have not upgraded yet you can view this on tableau public here.

    Workbook: TCC14 Interactive Schedule

    Thanks to all who support this community.  I have been following along for a long time but have not had a chance to publish anything as all of the work that I am proud of is confidential.  Hopefully some will find this useful. 

    Special thanks to Joe Mako. AlansmitheeRichard Leeke Robert Mundigl Shawn Wallwork Allan Walker Jewel Loree Joshua Milligan Jonathan Drummey Andy Cotgreave


    Whose work got me interested enough to go down the rabbit hole in the first place with tableau.

    Hopefully I can see some of you at the conference.

    p.s. Jonathan and Joshua,

    I hope you don't mind,but  I'm including your workbooks as well as they were super helpful in making this workbook and in my opinion everyone can benefit from them.


    Tableau Version:8.2.1

    Original Author: Dan Rullo

    *edit:  I corrected a glitch when publishing to print when a day is selected and also added a more intuitive way of adding events to your schedule.

    ** edit:   I have updated the schedule to reflect schedule changes that occurred in the past two weeks.  Thanks to Jonathan Drummey for letting me know that there were updates.

    *** Updated (8-19-2014) to reflect the newly available csv files from the tableau conference website.  The new format will be easier to keep this data fresh. As it only requires minor formatting updates to republish.  (I could not figure out how to keep persistent rank on a secondary source to generate the absolute position.  I also wanted to use this method for count distinct of title.  For some reason I never got quite the right values.  So this work had to be done in the Excel workbook.)

    Shawn TIP: Download the workbook and put SUM(Duration) on the filter shelf set to At Least .09 and you'll get only the Hands On sessions.

    Nice work Dan!

    **** Final Update.  I updated one more time for those who have not made their schedules yet.  I built in the option to filter by Session Type (as Shawn mentioned above) and also added head shots for all of the speakers and their bio's so you know who to look for when attending a session.

    ***** Okay ... I lied... I noticed that the printout was formatted to start at the hour instead of the minute so I had to update.  Also added end time detail to the printout for reference.