Tableau Alerts Alerter - Depreciated

Version 6


    Can now run on Tableau Server without the need for Excel as I converted the Excel VBA to a Windows Script File (.wsf).  Now the process can run entirely on the Tableau Server. file updated with the new files and Word document updated.  Either method can be used although the non-Excel version is the superior choice.



    Tableau Administrators are very limited in the information we can get from the server and in ways to act upon it.  One consistent complaint is the ability to get an email when something fails.  Once such failure is around the Alerts that the Tableau Server shows us, such as with extracts and data connections:

    I set the challenge upon myself to see if it was possible to find a solution to this issue.  Though I did find one it isn't as simple as I hoped.



    This isn't for beginners.  The admin who wants to do this will need to be comfortable with using basic batch scripts like DOS and VB; can create basic tasks in the Windows Task Scheduler; and has created a custom Excel macro or two (not a macro recording).  I tried to step through the setup in the documentation as simply as I can so if a beginner does attempt this they have a good chance of success...but I will not guarantee it.  If you don't have the background/experience then you need to contact your most helpful IT person or forum to figure things out.


    Future work

    This is a very limited application because it doesn't include who the object owner is nor easily defined filtering criteria.  The mere fact that more information is in the database that isn't readily accessible unless you use DAAP limits the breadth of this process' application potential.  I have no plans on expanding this specific process because it's not worth it for such little information the _background_tasks and other views provide.  What really needs to be made into a view is the public.tasks table!


    If anything this will provide a framework to those who want to pursue this further.  Changes to the Tableau workbook and, if using the Excel version, the Excel VBA code are where you would set your focus.


    Your Humble Tableau Server Padawan,

        Toby Erkson