Dual Axis Color Shelf - How to Color by a Dimension AND a Range of a Measure

Version 3

    This is already covered here, but it came up recently, so I thought I'd post an example.


    Create a Dual Color Axis in Tableau | InterWorks, Inc.


    In the attached 8.1.6 packaged workbook, I am coloring the bars in the bottom sheet by the Segment colors in the top sheet, then duplicating the same measure on a second axis, with the measure on the color shelf.  Turn that into a dual axis, and set the measure's coloring to be a sequential grey color scheme, set your transparency to around 65%, and you'll have the affect you want--bars colored by both a dimension, and a range of measure values.



    Note that we can also use a negative version of the measure on a single axis to accomplish something similar--but as Jonathan Drummey points out in his comments at the link above, the dual axis may provide a more accurate representation of the range of values.


    Color Negative.png

    (see Method 2 workbook attached--I am also uploading both images since the Forum is not displaying the second image uploaded)