Choose Your Own Adventure: The Time Travelling Data Analyst

Version 1

    Description: This is a "just for fun" dashboard that was a great learning experience to create and hopefully will help others in the community think about how to push the limits with Tableau.  If you've ever wondered about some of the things that can be done with Sheet Swapping, this dashboard demonstrates a few possibilities. The dashboard grew organically as I created it, so I won't claim best-practices were used throughout.

    Also, it's a shout-out to this community and the many wonderful individuals here.  This community is the best!


    Link: Workbook: Choose Your Own Adventure

    Feel free to download the workbook from Tableau Public and tear it apart to see how it works - but don't do it until you're no longer concerned about spoilers!  I look forward to sharing more soon on "how it was made".



    Tableau Version: 8.1

    Original Author: Joshua Milligan