Creating a Global LOOKUP(MIN(...),0) Filter with a Parameter for "Jedi" Filter and Table Calc Trick

Version 3

    Description:  This workbook demonstrates one method for using a LOOKUP(MIN([Field]),0) filter across multiple worksheets.  This issue comes up fairly often on the forum, so I thought an example workbook might help more users find a solution easily.

    The LOOKUP filter trick is often used when you want to filter a Dimension or Measure in Tableau, but you don't want the results to be changed in the view.  For example, if you calculate the Rank of Products, then apply a quick filter, your Rankings will be impacted.  In order to avoid this, we use the "lookup trick" described here:

    A Jedi (Filter and Table Calc) Trick | Tableau Software

    However, because this utilized a Table Calculation, we cannot apply the filter across multiple sheets.  The example workbook posted here uses a parameter and a calculated field to address this problem.  Note the calculated field must be on the Filter shelf in all sheets you want to be controlled by the parameter.  Also note that parameters only allow for single value selections, and there is no "only relevant values" option.

    Note that this example uses a single data source.



    Tableau Version: 8.1.3

    Original Author: Matt Lutton