Mimicking Mobile in 1 Click:  Making Published Tableau Views Act Cool

Version 5

    Many folks know that by appending a published Tableau Server, Online or Public workbook URL with ":mobile=true" tricks the platform into thinking you are connecting with a mobile device, thereby optimizing the dashboard for a finger instead of cursor (pop-out filters, etc.).





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    This is handy when your don't have an iPad or tablet laying around and need to test the mobile experience of a view you've published or need to demonstrate quickly how Tableau optimizes for mobile.


    But, if you're like me, you always forget the exact syntax for the URL append and then end up having to search for it.


    Well now there is a better way!


    (credit for everything past this point belongs to Marc Rueter Naisan . & Michael Kovner )


    You can use a little bit of javascript to create a bookmarklet that sits in your bookmarks toolbar and with a single click will auto convert whatever published view you are looking at in your browser to look/feel like mobile.


    Step 1:  Expose your bookmark toolbar on your browser


    Step 2: Create a new bookmark and paste in the following javascript:

    javascript:location.href = location.href.replace(location.hash,"") + "?:embed=yes&:mobile=true"


    Edit 4-15-2015: UPDATED FOR 9.0!  Thank you Michael Kovner !


    if(location.href.indexOf("?") === -1) {location.href = location.href + "?:embed=y&:mobile=true"; }
    else { location.href = location.href + "&:embed=y&:mobile=true";}

    Step 3 (for style): Change the image for the new bookmark (called a favicon) to this neat little .ico 

    1. Download an extension enabling you to change your bookmark favicons in your browser (many choice, here are 2 I know of: Firefox, Chrome)
    2. Edit your new javascript bookmark's favicon using the new extension to use the .ico file attached to the post


    Step 4: Commence showing off.






    1.  This is not supported by Tableau - as in future releases of Public/Server/Online may change the URL structure of a view in such a way as to break the javascript's functionality.


    2. The lasso function in this mobile mimic mode does not give the same visual feedback as a real iPad or tablet demonstration.


    3. Overall, this gives a close approximation of what a Tableau view feels like in a mobile browser, however this should never be substituted for the real thing if possible.



    (Dustin Edit 1-28-2014): Going to leave this document open for anyone to edit in case someone wants to tack-on additional info, correct any mistakes I've made or in the future update things that change.