Sheet Selection on Steroids

Version 2


    Sheet swapping or sheet selection is a technique used to switch out views in a dashboard.


    The basics approach is:

    • Place multiple sheets in a single layout container
    • Hide the titles of the views
    • Use filters to show / hide the view.


    There is a good KB article here: Creating a Sheet Selector for a Dashboard | Tableau Software

    This workbook extends that example to demonstrate:

    • Swapping with Parameters
    • Swapping with Quick Filters
    • Swapping with Action Filters
    • Swapping based on How Many Items are selected
    • Showing a "No Data!" Message when a view is empty



    Thanks Jonathan Drummey for pointing out a simpler solution.  Using a copy of the dimension used in the quick filter or action filter is lot more intuitive than the table calc.


    Sheet Swapping.png

    Tableau Version: 8.1

    Original Author: Joshua N. Milligan