January 15 Meeting Details and RSVP link

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    Social Data Mining and Predictive Analytics using DataSift & Tableau

    What does a single tweet tell us about where our business is going?  What about a mountain of tweets? Can they predict the direction of a stock price?  The size of a movie's opening weekend?  How someone will vote in an election?  Or whether someone will show up at your store on Black Friday?

    Tim Shea, Data Scientist and Sales Engineer with DataSift, talks us through how to combine create Tableau visualizations using social media data and how to quickly plug into the wealth of social information from Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Bitly (and many more), of over 2.5B posts a day from social media sources with your Sales, CRM, Call Center, and Web Traffic data and deduce answers to critical business questions.

    Additionally, he’ll cover how to tread through the thorny areas of correlation, causality, and building predictive models off of those insights.


    Date:  January 15, 2014

    Location:   CoLoft - 920 Santa Monica Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA


    6:30p - 7:00p  Networking / Finger Foods

    7:00pm   Presentation

    7:55pm   Q&A / Discussion

    8:15-8:30pm   Wrap-Up/Networking


    Tableau Users Group - Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA) - Meetup