Quick Table Calculations: YTD Total, YoY Growth, YTD Growth

Version 1



    Unless you set up your visualization just right YTD Total, Year over Year Growth and YTD Growth are unavailable:


    QT YoY - 1.png



    A search of the Online Help does not produce an article explaining how to set up a visualization so these filters become available. A search of the Knowledge Base produces an article on Table Calculations:


    QT YoY - 2.png



    But this only mentions the need for a date field being in the view. It does not go on to mention what else is required. So this TabWiki explains how to make these Quick Table calculations available.





    Starting with the first screenshot above, turn the YEAR(Order Date) pill from continuous (green) to discrete (blue). This will make the Year over Year Growth Quick Table Calculation available:

    QT YoY - 3.png


    Then to make the YTD Total and the YTD Growth available you need to be displaying a level of detail that is less than a year. So putting a Quarter/Month/Day into the view makes these two Quick Table Calculations available:


    QT YoY - 4.png




    YTD and Year over Year Quick Table Calculations become available when:

    1. A date field is in the view
    2. The date field is discrete
    3. The date field is aggregated to less than a year