*Mapping* Merged USGS Tiger Census files: Census Tracts, Congressional Districts, Counties and ZCTA

Version 3

    Description: Merged USGS Tiger Shapefiles with pre-joined Demographic Census Files.  Join against ID to analyse your data against zip code, per census tract, congressional district and counties in the USA.  Filtered conditionally on USGS Shapefile, colored by ID.  Ideal for marketing departments working at the macro level. Census blocks could be added, as could State/Country/Provinces.

    Could be refined further in many ways: for example, by aliasing dimensions and measures with the USGS Data Dictionary.  GeoID could also be pre-split per shapefile for performance gains.  Vertices have been simplified for performance.


    USGS Tiger.png

    Tableau Version: 8.1 64-bit beta

    Original Author: Allan Walker, data via USGS/US Census bureau