So Your Question Didn't Get Answered...

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    [Note: Now that this and the comments below are more than three years old, maybe it's time for someone to post a more recent (and relevant) post of this nature. I'm sure the reasons your question didn't get answered have changed over the years. I'm sure there are many other reasons your question didn't get an answer. Or maybe it's just that the Tableau Community team is sweeping up all the unanswered questions, so this document is now completely irrelevant. For whatever reason, I think this document has outlived it's usefulness -- certainly as a way of getting your question answered. And should be deleted from the Resources section of our forums.] -- so says original author.


    Reasons Your Question Didn't Get Answered


    1. You didn't post a packaged workbook (.twbx).
      • If your data is confidential, make up some sample data or mock-up your problem using the Superstore Sales data. You do the "grunt" work, we'll do the "hard" work.
      • Also please do not extract your data unless it is absolutely necessary (data source is from a server, or you question is about COUNTD() or something similar). This makes it harder to get at your data if it needs to be reshaped.
    2. The workbook you posted (.twb) doesn't have any data in it – see #1.
    3. Your question may be too vague. Consider providing additional details such as:
      • Show or explain what you've tried
      • Include a mockup of your goal and/or a mockup of your data.
      • If you are asking "How do I find X in my data?" you will need to describe your data structure, shape, granularity, and/or sparseness in more detail, or better yet, provide a packaged workbook - see #1.
      • A lack of detail might imply that you want someone else to do your work; if that's your goal, please contact a consultant.
    4. You did not adequately describe the outcome you are looking for.
    5. The screenshot you provided did not reveal your pill layout or data connections. Please provide a screenshot of the entire Tableau window. If you are asking a question about table calculations, include the Compute Using settings; or, better yet, provide a packaged workbook - see #1.
    6. Either this can't be done, or nobody knows how to do it, or nobody who does know how to answer the question saw it. You might try replying to your own question with either "Bump" or "Can anyone help?" That will bump it to the top of the stack where someone will likely see it; or, you can always contact Tableau tech support -- good, hard-working folks, who actually answer.
    7. [Deleted. Content moved to 3.]
    8. Posting a text table in your question can be helpful, but posting an Excel file is better. Not all text tables can be easily copy/pasted into Excel. The more of the "grunt work" you do for us, the more likely you are to get help.  These other data formats also work: text file, CSV, or Excel file; anything we can connect to in Tableau directly. Of course #1 is even better.
    9. Your prior posts have had no follow-up by you and/or they continue to be kept in an "Unanswered" status. Please keep in mind that those assisting others on the forums are (almost***) entirely volunteers! Besides the satisfaction of helping others (which is considerable), some of us also work for these: Stars-1.pngIf you haven't been following up on your posts by giving stars, some forum folks may be less inclined to dive into your new question.
    10. Related to #9, nobody on the forums is obligated to respond within a specific timeframe. Holidays, vacations and even weekends definitely impact response times on the forums. The volunteers will do the best they can to answer as quickly as possible, but if you regularly have questions with short deadlines you may consider contracting with a Tableau consultant. Also, step #1 can make getting a response faster.
    11. You didn't post your question inside the Forum section. Instead you posted on the Community front page. If you do this and don't accept the default place to post, your question won't make it into the Forums proper; it is only posted to the Community page, which is only 2 pages long. So your question can easily fall off this page, never to be seen again. ACTION TO TAKE:
      1. Go back to your post and click "Move" in the Actions menu to the top right. The Choose Location dialog will appear.
      2. If you don't see "Forums" in the list, type in "Forums" and press Enter to make them appear in the Search results.
      3. Pick "Forums". The Confirm Move dialog will appear.
      4. Click the "Yes - move it here" button. The post will be moved and re-opened.
      5. If you haven't already assigned Categories and/or Tags, click on the Edit button to add those, these make it easier for others to find your question.

    Alternatively, you can just repost your question and make sure to post it in the forums, not the "Tableau Community Community" (sic). If you do this please delete the original question.

    1. Your question is too detailed.  If your question is too long, complicated, full of business rules, or endless exceptions to rules then some readers will give up trying to understand what you are trying to accomplish and move on to other questions.  Try to simplify the question as much as possible and narrow the focus to a single issue.  Once you have an answer to the main question, mark it correct and then open a new thread to ask about exceptions or additional scenarios.  (You can post a link to the new question in the original thread so everyone involved can find it.) [But careful you don't get too vague. See #3 above.]


    Why Do We Keep Asking for a Packaged Workbook??

    The reason why users on the forums and Tableau tech support ask for packaged workbooks is that Tableau is a highly flexible, extremely visual tool, and your data and goals can be complicated. Sometimes the answer to your question can be reached via a different route than the one you were thinking of, or there's something about your data that doesn't get transmitted through the text of a forum post. When we can see what you're seeing, we can more quickly provide you the right answer.