Round Bars with Circles Inside - Visual Gap Comparison

Version 1

    I was asked to give a visual comparison between several elements and show the length of the gap from the highest to the lowest.


    Below is my solution:

    Bar Length: From Lowest Point (sales) to Highest Point (sales)

    Dots: Where each item (Region) falls within the sales of each Group (Sub-Category)


    10-23-2019 4-16-46 PM.png


    The above you can see that Chairs, for example, has a large gap between the sales in the South to the sales of the West.


    How I made:


    Set Up:

    Put Sub-Category in Rows

    Put SUM(Sales) in columns

    Add Region to Color


    10-23-2019 4-26-17 PM.png





    Create two calculations (they will be the same)


    Start Point and End Point (I duplicated Start Point calculation and renamed it End Point for ease)


    { FIXED [Sub-Category], [Region]: SUM([Sales])}


    Drag Start Point to the Columns BEFORE SUM(Sales)

    Drag End Point on the Start Point Axis (creating Measure Values)


    Change Start Point to MIN

    Change End Point to MAX

    Change Chart Type To Line

    Place Measure Names On Path


    Change SUM(Sales) Mark to Circles


    10-23-2019 4-35-20 PM.png


    Dual Axis / Sync Axis


    Change Size Of Line

    Change Size Of Circles

    Clean Up


    Workbook Attached: version 2018.3


    Hope you find this useful.