Tableau Prep + Python/TabPy Resources

Version 6

    This is meant to be a (non-exhaustive) list of blog posts & other resources for using the Python integration introduced in Tableau Prep v2019.3 (in beta as of 29 July 2019).


    Getting Started with Tableau Prep & TabPy


    Blog Posts


    Python in Tableau Prep: simple useful scripts | VizPainter - - add row number, ranking, and top N filter


    Python strikes again! More Python scripts for Tableau Prep | VizPainter - - fill down for filling rows from Excel cross tabs, title case e.g. TitleCase, business days calculation


    Tableau Prep & Python | VizFox – The Blog -

    Script Update | Import Stocks v2 | VizFox – The Blog - - pulling stock data into Tableau Prep (more generally, using web scraping to get data for Prep)


    Geocoding | Sarah Battersby - Geocoding in Tableau Prep 2019.3 with TabPy - using Google Maps/Mapbox/OpenStreetmap to convert addresses/placenames to latitude & longitude


    Converting Geohash to Lat/Lon | Sarah Battersby - Converting Geohash to Lat/Lon in Tableau Prep 2019.3 with TabPy - using TabPy to convert Geohash'ed coordinates to latitude & longitude and back again


    Converting What3Words to Lat/Lon | Sarah Battersby - Converting What3Words coordinates to Lat/Lon in Tableau Prep 2019.3 - using TabPy to convert What3Words to latitude & longitude


    Reverse Geocoding | Alex Eskinasy - - using Prep, TabPy, and Google Geocoding API to reverse-geocode from latitude & longitude to postal codes


    If you have or know of another resource please add a comment below!