Ask Data and Prep Conductor Demo for Admins

Version 5

    Tableau 2019.1 has two big features: Ask Data and Tableau Prep Conductor. This webinar is for admin. What are the setup, controls, licenses, configuration, alerts, monitoring that admins have to know about those new features? Pls click here for the recording. Click here for the slides used.


    Inside and Outside about Ask Data:

    • What are the server components for Ask Data:
      • Ask Data- auto installed on any Data Server nodes with 2019.1 or above version, nothing can be configured
      • Elastic Server- handles index & cache. One and only one process can be installed in a cluster, can be configured to run on any node by TSM UI. The heap size is configurable
    • What is entry point of Ask Data?
      • Published Data Source only for 2019.1
    • Who can use Ask Data?
      • The user has to have Explorer or Creator  or Explorer (can publisher) site role
      • The user has to have both Connect and View permission to the data source
    • What can users  do after Ask Data?
      • The user can discard the results
      • The user can Save As to server if user has Explorer (can publisher) site role AND Publisher permission to a project
    • Can you Turn Off Ask Data?
      • Can't turn off at server level server. But if you really want, the attached slides has the unsupported command
      • Can't turn off at site level
      • Can turn off at each data source level (default on)
    • How Ask Data Index works?
      • Default is to index right before use Ask Data, can change to automatic to force index happen every 24 hrs


    Prep Conductor 5-step setup:


    1. Upgrade to 2019.1 and get Data Management Key license (that is not free). For core based, you will need Data Management Key and Resource Core Key.
    2. Configure Tableau Prep Conductor process to one or multiple backgrounder nodes. Prep Conductor can only be enabled in the backgrounder node and it is recommended to restrict it to one backgrounder node to start with.
    3. Create Flow type schedules
    4. Change default timeout - recommend to be the same as extract timeout.
    5. Turn on/off Prep Conductor at site level  - if your Extract Job Failure Notification is off for the site and you use VizAlert, you need to change VizAlert to include Flow type.