Create join with calculated fields

Version 1

    Hello, Tableau friends,


    I just want to share a little of what I've learned with the use of Tableau. I really do not know if someone has already mentioned what I am going to explain on this occasion, I hope it is useful in their developments with tableau.


    On one occasion I was going to develop a visualization in the box. The sources of the data did not have fields in common. In a data source I had data similar to these:


    While the other source was similar to this:


    I had to make the union of the 2 data sources. He knew that in the first source he had the column NAME OF THE PERIOD and with it he could extract a calculated field called YEAR, similar to that of the second data source.


    I started to formulate my first calculated field, which was to be YEAR,


    Then I went to a formulate the second calculated field that was going to be the PERIOD:


    I was excited because I thought I had everything solved. Again, I found another surprise because the calculated fields did not come out in the "add new union" clause ...



    But as tableau always surprises me, I noticed that I could create a calculated field union ...

    I proceeded to create again my first field for union which was going to be YEAR, I wrote the calculation to extract the YEAR from the column Period Name:


    Then I joined it with Year1 of the second data source,


    then I proceeded to perform the second calculated union field:



    I felt very excited I never thought that it would work for me and this was the result:


    So I share with you a little of what I have learned with Tableau, one more feature of this powerful tool that makes our work easier.

    I hope to help someone and start using "Create join calculation"