Generate shape (x,y) coordinates for XY Graphs/Polygons

Version 10

    Workbook is attached, or tool can be accessed on Tableau Public!/vizhome/GenerateXYforShapes/ShapeCoordinates



    This workbook is a tool that lets you generate the (x,y) coordinates of regular shapes having 3-12 sides, or you can generate the coordinates of all 360 degrees of a circle. 



    1. the number of points/sides the shape should have

    2. whether the top should be pointed or flat

    3. (x,y) coordinates of the center of the shape

    4. the radius size


    Download data:

    The (x,y) coordinates of each point of the shape will be generated in a table, which you can then download and use when creating a data source that draws points or polygons on an XY canvas. This is useful in creating polygon-style charts and radar/spider charts.


    The calculations for finding the (x,y) coordinates, given the Unit Circle angle/degree, are also in the workbook.




    Tableau Version



    Original Author

    Jennifer VonHagel