Ambassador Spotlight - Zhouyi Zhang

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    Hello Tableau Community,

    Get to know Tableau Forum Ambassador Zhouyi Zhang in our latest Tableau Ambassador Spotlight! Read the interview with our Tableau Community Program Manager Patrick Van Der Hyde


    Patrick· Hello ZZ, Can you tell us where are you from so we can better know a bit about your background?

    ZZ: I am from Hangzhou China, many people know this city because of Alibaba, and it is a really beautiful and historical city. And now I am living in Adelaide, South Australia, and this is a festival city in Australia, lots of lovely people around and really enjoy the life here, too.


    Patrick: What is your favorite hobby outside of work?ZZ.jpg

    ZZ: I like play basketball, travelling as well as gardening,


    Patrick: Anything else you want to share?

    ZZ: One of the funny thing I have experienced about Tableau was the map. When I first started my previous position, I was introduced to use Tableau by my manager. He went through most of the features of Tableau, however, when he talked about the map he said “Tableau is fantastic data analysis tool except map.” Then he said, every time, when he showed the data on map to people, he was so embarrassed because he couldn’t move the map as simple as the way we use google map - drag and move. Instead, he needed to use the zoom in and zoom out from time to time.  And later, when I tried, I experienced the same, very struggling. But one day, I was practicing the custom geocode and try to understand Richard Leeke’s famous solution, I was in cloud by couple of seconds with my mouse left clicking on the map, and then when I back to the reality and in the meanwhile I move my mouse, guess what happened? The map moved and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I tried to recall what I did and finally I figured out what it was. In version 7, if we want to move the map, we need left click on the map for about 2-3 seconds and then the cursor changes from select mode to map drag and move mode. It was tricky. Later that day, I showed my finding with my manager, he was so excited and talked to everybody in the organization. Because of this, I passed my probation

    period on that position.


    Patrick: How long have you used Tableau?

    ZZ: I have been using Tableau since 2014


    Patrick: How do you use Tableau? At work? In your personal life?

    ZZ: Previously I used Tableau mainly at work, but since April 2017, I started to answer the questions from Tableau community, and then Tableau became part of my daily tool.


    Patrick: Where do you find data for your personal projects?

    ZZ: Well, there are quite a lot of sample data from internet, for example, the government websites usually provide lots of data in different areas; Also, in a lot of cases, I just make up some data in Excel.


    Patrick: What type of data interests you?

    ZZ: I am quite interested in different sorts of data type, I was working for a financial institution previously, and worked on lots of finance data, and now I am working on operational data, it is quite interesting that to analysis this type of data, you will find lots of process problem in the organization which can help improve the performance of its operation.


    Patrick: How have you learned to use Tableau?

    ZZ: I initially learned Tableau from my manager, he taught me lots of data analysis method by using Tableau, e.g. Standard deviation, SPC Control chart, process break by using parameters, correlation coefficient, trends. And we also help each other to learn map analysis and were excited with the new map features (e.g. density analysis on map, using shape files and joins) in the recently release. I also learned a lot from the community especially when I started to look at people’s questions and answers from experts around the world.


    Patrick: What data sources do you typically use?

    ZZ: I mainly use database, like SQL Server, as I can do data modeling from stage to data warehouse, and then loaded to Tableau Server.


    Patrick: What your favorite Tableau project you’ve ever worked on?

    ZZ: well, I have been working many project but in different aspect of analysis, I love what I have achieved so far and am able to learn from each of them.


    Patrick: What is your favorite feature of Tableau?

    ZZ: There are quite a lot, but my favorites are LOD and Map. Before the LOD has been introduced, I have to pre aggregate the data in different levels, which causes a lot of data source modification, and re-publish and sometimes, it made the query very complicated. LOD saved all of these effort and makes life so easy, in lots scenarios, I just need model my data as start schema and leave the aggregation to LOD. And the other favorite is map as lots of my projects are GEO analysis.


    Patrick: What do you want to learn more about?

    ZZ: I am quite interested in using the Javascript API to do some web development as the dashboard and action doesn’t fully meet the interactive demand in the organization.


    Patrick: What’s your biggest feature request?

    ZZ: I do have couple of the features I am looking for in my list. The 1st is the capability of adding customized map data layers, e.g. add multiple data layer with different data source as a profile and then on top of the profile, do the data analysis. 2nd, if Tableau could have a product/component similar to Tableau Server, but with the capability of customizing the style/theme, building embedded viz within web containers, etc. Finally, one of the feature is the capability of data/report extracting/subscripting and emailing.


    Patrick: How did you discover the Tableau Community?

    ZZ: I was introduced the community by my manager when I started, but I didn’t login much until one day, I was trying to see how to obtain a Tableau Certification, and I was thinking to fill some of the gaps, and then I started to look at people’s question, and I found myself was very fond of helping people.


    Patrick: What’s your favorite part about the Tableau Community?

    ZZ: Well, the most exciting thing in the community is, when you look at some of the question, and you stuck there and thought there isn’t a solution, and then the legends popup, and replied “What about xxxx”/”Please find my solution xxx”. When I look at the answer, always “Wow, genius”. I learned a lot from them and really enjoy it.


    Patrick: What does being a Tableau ambassador mean to you?

    ZZ: It is really my great honor honestly, and thank you for your encourage me of being an Ambassador, this is really a great journey.


    Patrick: What advice do you have for new members of Tableau? Of the Community?

    ZZ: I do suggest that a sample data or workbook along with a question is recommended. I believe lots of people in the community have the capability of providing a solution, but sometime because of not knowing the data structure or even couple of lines of data will be great help to understand the requirement.


    Patrick: You seem to enjoy being creative with Tableau. What is your favorite type of viz?

    ZZ: As I mentioned previously, I am keen on map analysis as this is part of my work related. And other than that, line and bar is my favorite as they are simple and easy for people to understand.


    Patrick: Is there anyone in the community you have worked with closely, or is there someone that inspires you?

    ZZ:  Haha, there are lots of people/ambassadors in the community inspire me and I learned lots of tricky ways from them. Really appreciated and enjoyed the community.


    Patrick: ZZ, Thank You for your time and all the help and wisdom you bring to the Community!