Ambassador Spotlight - Rosario Irasema Gauna González

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    Hi Tableau Community! Get to know Tableau Public Ambassador Rosario Gauna in our latest Tableau Ambassador Spotlight! Read the interview with our Tableau Public Senior Data Artist Jonni Walker :



    Picture02.pngJonni: How long have you used Tableau?

    Rosario: About 4 years.



    Jonni: How do you use Tableau? At work? In your personal life?

    Rosario: I use Tableau both at work and at home. I use Tableau in my work mainly with financial information. And, I use it in my home, because it allows me to enjoy Tableau for myself, to try new ideas, to be playful with the design of the Viz, to learn new techniques, to keep myself updated in the new functionalities and to interact with the Community.


    Jonni: Where do you find data for your personal projects?

    Rosario: Usually to use the official data of "Superstore" and I have had the opportunity to use a great diversity of data sources thanks to the challenges of #MakeoverMonday and #WorkoutWednesday.



    Jonni: What type of data interests you?

    Rosario: I don't have a predilection for a specific type of data. I like the possibility offered by working with new data since it gives me the opportunity to investigate and learn about new topics.



    Jonni: How have you learned to use Tableau?

    Rosario: I started with online training videos and books. After that, I started participating in the challenges of #MakeoverMonday and #WorkoutWednesday, which have offered me a constant source of learning.



    Jonni: What data sources do you typically use?

    Rosario: I used connections to SQL Server, and Excel more than I'd like to admit.



    Jonni: What your favorite Tableau project you’ve ever worked on?

    Rosario: There are several projects, but the first project that I did with Tableau, occupies a very special place: Monitoring Income and Expenses in the University where I work. For a long time, I worked with Excel, PowerPoint, and Macros for this task. However, there were limitations, for example, working with a summary of the information caused that you could not always reach the level of detail required to answer a question quickly or that by generating so many charts and so much information, it was really difficult to concentrate on the relevant information for making appropriate decisions. Tableau allowed to make accessible to people, the information they required, at the level of detail they required, at the time they required it, in a way that, before Tableau, I had never imagined.


    Jonni: What is your favorite feature of Tableau?

    Rosario: Those who know me, know that I love the power of Level of Detail (LOD) Expressions. And now, the new functionality of Set Actions became one of my favorites, given the power they offer to users for Viz interactions.


    Jonni: What do you want to learn more about?

    Rosario: Everything. I like to learn about different subjects and the Community has been a source of very exciting and diverse learning. Also, I consider it fundamental to keep updated on the new features released in each new version of Tableau.


    Jonni: What’s your biggest feature request?

    Rosario: They may seem small things but I would love it:

    • There would be a way that I could configure in the definition of the sheet, the exclusion of certain variables from the tooltips for the purposes of "Export Crosstab to Excel".
    • I would also like the option to be able to select a subset of "Measure Names" for a Quick Filter of a specific "Sheet". So that the user can decide both the number of dimensions, as the dimensions you want included in the chart.


    Jonni: How did you discover the Tableau Community?

    Rosario: A little over two years ago, in a general search on Tableau, I found the Community of #MakeoverMonday, where each week challenges are published to improve the original design on a data set. And I was fascinated by the incredible works published by the Community that immediately I began to participate.



    Picture01.pngJonni: What’s your favorite part about the Tableau Community?

    Rosario: My favorite part is the level of commitment and contribution that exists, there are so many people who share their knowledge. I also love the opportunity to make new friends and connect with people from all over the world.



    Jonni: What does being a Tableau ambassador mean to you?

    Rosario: It’s a great honor to be recognized as an ambassador for Tableau. And also, a nice responsibility to share knowledge and skills so that more people enjoy using Tableau, as much as I do.



    Jonni: What advice do you have for new members of Tableau? Of the Community?

    Rosario: Dare to participate in the Communities of Tableau, don’t just be an observer, don’t be afraid to ask questions or help solve other people's doubts. I highly recommend getting involved in the design challenges of #MakeoverMonday or in the technical challenges of #WorkoutWednesday, both have been an invaluable source of learning for me. And be ready to enjoy and have fun!



    Jonni: You seem to enjoy being creative with Tableau.

    Rosario: think that in addition to having the technical skills to handle data, it is equally important to train yourself in design skills and how to tell stories with the data to offer to the audience. With Tableau I have the opportunity to create Visualizations never before seen in the organization, sometimes with data that before had not been possible to analyze, achieving clear and direct messages for decision making. Which fills me with satisfaction.



    Jonni: Is there anyone in the community you have worked with closely, or is there someone that inspires you?

    Rosario: It's very difficult to mention only one person or only a small group of people. There are so many people that I have to thank for their help and have a constant source of inspiration for me, within the #MakeoverMonday and #WorkoutWednesday Communities and I would have no place to mention each one.

    However, I want to take the opportunity to thank each of the coaches who have supported over the years, the communities of:


    • #MakeoverMonday: Andy Kriebel, Eva Murray, and Andy Cotgrave.
    • #WorkoutWednesday: Andy Kriebel, Emma Whyte, Rody Zakovich, Luke Stanke, Ann Jackson, Curtis Harris, and Lorna Eden.

    Jonni: Where are you from?

    Rosario: I'm from Mexico and I live in the city of Monterrey, located north of my country.



    Jonni: What is your favorite hobby outside of work?

    Rosario: I like to prepare desserts and cakes. This activity helps me to relax mentally. In addition to sharing the desserts, they offer me the possibility to enjoy pleasant moments with my family and friends.



    Jonni: Anything else you want to share? Picture03.png

    Rosario: I want to take this opportunity to thank the incredible team of Tableau.


    • To the developers for all their effort in constantly offering new features.
    • To the support team, who are there to help us in case of doubts.
    • To the team that develops the contents of Tableau help and the training videos.
    • To all those who work to give us an unforgettable experience every Tableau Conference.
    • And in general, to the entire Tableau team for their support.


    Thank you for reading this edition of the Tableau Ambassador Spotlight! Use these links to follow Rosario on her Twitter, check out her Tableau Public Profile, and visit her blog: RosarioViz. If you would like to learn more about the Tableau Ambassador Program, please visit this page on our site: Tableau Ambassadors | Tableau Software You can also follow all our ambassadors on Twitter through this link: @tableau/Tableau Ambassadors on Twitter.


    Thank you for being a part of the Tableau Community!