Project Griffon: Beyond Custom Administrative Views

Version 7

    It's been just over 18 months since I first dug into understanding a bit more about Tableau Server, beyond the permissions/administrative actions that are possible in the web interface of Tableau. (Huge shout out to Jonathan MacDonald for being the best teacher of Tableau Server around)


    One of the most common questions we at The Information Lab find is a) being able to download the administrative views from Tableau Server (how, and then the inevitable 'huh that's not a straightforward process' and b) what other views do you have to share to help us find out more about our Tableau Server?


    Out of a number of these conversations we were having with customers, who were looking to do 'Analytics on Analytics', we started Project Griffon.


    What is Project Griffon? (and why the name)

    Project Griffon is where we're going to try to help the Tableau Community understand more about what's possible with the Tableau Server Postgres Repository, and also share examples of what kind of visualisations can be created.

    The reason for 'Griffon' is after the Griffon Vulture (link) which is the highest flying bird in the world.


    Below is a list of blogs I've written with the moniker of Project Griffon, which is where you'll find the detail and resources of what's been done so far with Project Griffon.

    We really want this always to be a community led project, so do get in touch to share your own ideas about what you've done and also ideas on dashboards you'd like to see.



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    Datasources & Workbooks Audit |

            Admin Views from Tableau Server |

            Performance of Views: Reloaded |

            Who's using what? |

            Digging into Custom Views (ft. Jonathan Drummey) |


    I will continue adding to this post as more blogs are published.





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