PostgreSQL Scout database results schema

Version 1

    If you are looking to see how to install and configure PostgreSQL for Scout to use it for results repository, you can find more information here: Install and configure PostgreSQL for Scout


    Here is the schema of the Scout results database in PostgreSQL:






         U_ScoutRuns - each entry in this table corresponds to a Scout full run


    ScoutRunIdIntegerId of the run (unique)
    PlatformStringThe platform used by Scout (Server)
    InteractionModeStringInteraction mode (Viewing or Authoring)
    BuildStringThe build version of Tableau Server
    RunStartTimePSTDateTimeThe date and time when the run was started (in Pacific Standard Time)
    RunEndTimePSTDateTimeThe data and time when the run ended (in Pacific Standard Time)
    RunEndTimePSTIntegerA number to be used by the random number generator (useful for Random flows if you want to get the exact same random number sequence in order to reproduce a previous run)
    ServerNameStringThe server Scout ran against
    ServerNameDateTimeThe date and time when the data was saved to PostgreSQL DB


         U_ScoutResults - each entry in this table corresponds to a Scout interaction executed


    ScoutResultIdIntegerId of the run result row (unique)
    FK_ScoutRunsIdIntegerId of the Scout run from which this result entry is part of
    UUIDStringUnique identified for a workbook, worksheet and interaction. This field is what should be used when doing A\B comparison. Scout guarantees that for the same workbook, worksheet and interaction the UUID is unique and can be used as a key to join the 2 data sets
    IndexIntegerIf there are multiple of the same interaction executed on the same worksheet, this index can help distinguish between them
    IterationIntegerThe iteration
    LocationStringThe full path to the workbook\worksheet where the interaction was executed
    SiteStringThe site on which Scout ran, if a site was specified for the run
    ProjectStringThe project is the project for the workbook the interaction was executed on
    WorkbookStringThe name of the workbook Scout executed on
    WorksheetStringThe name of the worksheet Scout executed on
    InteractionStringThe name of the interaction executed by Scout
    InteractionStartTimeDateTimeThe time at the interaction execution start (format: YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss:538)
    InteractionStartTimeDateTimeThe time at the interaction execution end (format: YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss:538)
    ErrorStringThe error (if any error occurred during the interaction execution)
    CommandStringThe command executed by Scout to initiate the interaction
    InteractionTotalDuration_msRealThe total time between the start and the end of the interaction execution (in ms)
    ScreenshotPathStringThe path to the screenshot for this interaction
    ExtendedErrorInfoStringOptional, could contain extra information about the error, if an error occurred during the execution of the interaction