DUB01 Pod has completed the move to AWS.

Version 4

    Hello Tableau Online Admins,


    We have completed the move of the final, first-generation Tableau Online pod (DUB01) to Amazon Web Services.


    The DUB01 pod migrated to AWS on Saturday, November 17, 2018.


    Why we did this: We’re continually investing in Tableau Online to grow and improve its features and to make it a more stable environment for our customers. With this move, all Tableau Online pods are now hosted on AWS, which will allow us to scale our services faster than ever before.


    What this means to you: This move to AWS will help us continue to meet the demands of our customers with greater stability and performance.


    What you need to do:

    If you haven't already, please add the new IP addresses (shown below) to your list of authorized IP addresses to make sure live connections you publish to Tableau Online remain uninterrupted. As a security measure, most cloud data providers require you to supply a list of authorized IP addresses. A request from an IP address that is not explicitly approved could be rejected.


    Host Name (Instance)Site Location
    IP Addresses


    For more information about these Tableau Online IP addresses, please refer to Tableau Online IP addresses for data provider authorization in Tableau Help.


    For more information about the status of Tableau Online, visit our Tableau Online upgrade page and Tableau Trust sites.