How to Subtotal

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    I have an Excel spreadsheet that shows values for Campaign Names. I want to subtotal the Clicks, Impressions, Total Spent, and Video Views by the Campaign Name. In Excel you would select all the data, go to the Data tab, sort by the Campaign Name, and then select the Subtotal tab to Sum values based on change in Campaign Name. Pretty easy and straightforward.


    I don't see how this is done in Prep. The Aggregate step doesn't keep the data together. Group on the clean doesn't appear to work this way either. Can I do this in Prep, or is it easier to do this in Excel?

    I included a sample file to show what I am trying to accomplish.


    Is this what you mean?


    Yes. What did you do in in the clean and aggregate steps? My problems is the aggregates for the clicks, impressions, etc., were not tied to the campaign name. they were independent.


    I dragged campaign name into Grouped fields all other fields into Aggregated fields.


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