How to show Actual vs Target in bullet graph for different metrics?

Version 1

    Hi all,


    I have one requirement to show Actual vs Target in  Bullet graph for different metrics or it would be helpful if you suggest in any other graphs.


    In single sheet, we need to show 4 Metrics : AvgHC,Attrition%,OpsRatio%,TLRatio%


    Graphs based on :

    1) Show Site wise Actual vs Target (EX : For : Hyd ->month ->july -> Actual :3.5 and Target : 3)

    2)  Client wise Actual vs Target

    3) LOB wise Actual vs Target

    4) Month wise  Actual vs Target

    5) Quarterly wise Actual vs Target


    Attached dataset shows all the fields with Actual vs Target.


    Note : Attrition%,OpsRatio%,TLRatio% need to show in AVG both target and Actual, and AvgHC is in SUM for both actual vs target


    Appreciate for your response