Tableau Online Pods 10AY and 10AZ Are Now on AWS

Version 2

    Greetings Tableau Online Admins,


    This weekend, we’ve successfully completed the migration of our legacy pods 10AY and 10AZ to AWS! As I’ve stated earlier, this move is part of our continuing efforts to grow and improve Tableau Online’s features and to make it more stable and flexible for our customers.


    If you haven’t already, it’s critical that you add the new IP addresses (listed below) to your authorized IP address list. As a security measure, cloud data providers often require you to supply a list of authorized IP addresses from which external applications request access to your data. A request from an IP address that is not explicitly approved could be rejected. Below you’ll find the IP addresses for our new AWS pods coming this spring.


    If your site is currently on either the 10AY or 10AZ pods, please add the new IP addresses to your list of authorized IP addresses. This action will ensure live connections and extracts running from Online that you publish to Tableau Online remain uninterrupted.


    Host Name (Instance)
    Site Location IP Address or Range America
    • (new)
    • (new)
    • America
    • (new)
    • (new)


    Read the Keep Data Fresh article for more information about authorizing new IP addresses and for the full list of Tableau Online IP addresses. For more information about all the changes coming to Tableau Online, visit our Tableau Online upgrade page.