Tableau Online 2018.2 is here

Version 1


    Tableau Online 2018.2 has arrived. In 2018.2, you will find Dashboard Extensions, additional commenting functionality, improvements to web authoring and a new, stand-alone Tableau Bridge. See all the new features here.


    Dashboard extensions enable new functionality and integrations with related applications directly in Tableau. With extensions, you can add new custom visualizations, data-driven parameters, or even write-back to a database. See the new Extensions Gallery here.


    Be sure to check out the latest version of Tableau Bridge. Tableau Bridge allows you to securely connect to on-prem data and keep it fresh. In this release, Tableau Bridge is all new and available as a stand-alone download. You’ll now be able to run Tableau Bridge independently of Tableau Desktop and without allocating a license to it. Download the new Tableau Bridge.