Red Hat Linux configuration tidbits

Version 4

    Just wanted to quickly jot down a few things I have come across while working with Tableau Server on RHEL- found these particular steps either missing or poorly documented in the official guide/documentation.

    This has been tested to work as of 2018.1.1.


    Working with a forward proxy


    Edit: Looks like Tableau have now updated the below link with their supported process for configuring a forward proxy:

    Configuring Proxies for Tableau Server


    If your organisation currently uses a proxy for internet connectivity, you will probably find that the licence activation and also online maps do not work correctly on Linux.


    The following additional steps directly after running the "initialize-tsm" script should fix this:

    1. Run "sudo systemctl edit user@<user ID for tableau user>.service".

    You can find the user ID for the tableau user by running "id -u tableau"


    2. Enter the following in override file that comes up





    Environment="no_proxy=<domains where proxy is not required>"


    3. Restart the machine by running "systemctl reboot"


    Please note that this is based on my own findings and may not necessarily be the official/supported method.

    I would suggest raising a support case to confirm the recommended method with Tableau prior to implementing this in a Production environment.



    Configuring file-based data source refreshes to work


    Datasources/workbooks published from Tableau Desktop on Windows will not be accessible on Tableau Server Linux, since Windows uses UNC paths/drive letters.


    Thankfully, John has an excellent write-up here which goes through all the steps required to make this work on Linux:

    Tableau Server on Linux -- Connecting to a Windows Shared Directory



    Resolving issues connecting to AD via LDAPS


    If you are receiving errors when attempting to configure Tableau Server to use AD via LDAPS, you might need to import the trusted root certificate used by your Domain Controller into the Tableau trusted keystore. The keystore is located at /etc/opt/tableau/tableau_server/tableauservicesmanagerca.jks


    You can get the SSL certificate chain for your Domain Controller using this command

    openssl s_client -showcerts -connect ${YOURADSERVERHOST}:636


    Copy the section under certificate chain, and save it to a file - then after having run the "initialize-tsm" script, run a command similar to below

    sudo "opt/tableau/tableau_server/packages/repository{$VERSION}/jre/bin/keytool" -import -file "$ROOTCERT" -alias "$ADROOT" -keystore "/etc/opt/tableau/tableau_server/tableauservicesmanagerca.jks" -storepass changeit -noprompt


    Try importing the identity store config via TSM again and hopefully it should now work. If not, then it is time to contact Tableau Support and possibly your AD administrator for assistance


    Hope this helps - I'm sure future releases on Linux will eventually simplify a lot of these steps!