Configure Single Sign-On for SAP BW

Version 3

    To enable single sign-on (SSO) on SAP BW, you must install and configure software on the computers that run Tableau Server and Tableau Desktop.


    IMPORTANT: You must meet specific version and environment requirements to have success enabling SSO for SAP BW. Review this list and ensure that you can meet these requirements before you proceed with configuring Tableau Server and Tableau Desktop for SSO.


    Note that there is an SAP license requirement because SAP's Server Side Trust uses SAP's cryptolib for server-to-server communication.


    Tableau Desktop

    • SAP GUI for Windows 7.40 Core:
    • Secure Login Client SAP: SetupSLC06_5-10012580.EXE 


    Tableau Server

    • SAP GUI for Windows 7.40 Core:
    • BI 7.0 Addon for SAP GUI 7.40: BI740SP07_700-20012040.EXE or later
    • 32-bit SAP Cryptolib
      • SAPCAR_617-80000938.EXE 
      • SAPCRYPTOLIBP_8433-20011731.SAR
    • BWSSOTestTool: Download the latest version of Tableau Connectivity Support Tools ( from
    • "Business Intelligence Platform Administrator's Guide" from the SAP Help Portal


    Because of the complexity of most SAP BW environments, we strongly recommend that an SAP engineer participate in the configuration process. Detailed configuration instructions can be found in the following articles on Tableau Community: