Upload the extracts without creating the extracts on local machine

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    This document lists the steps to migrate the data sources from one tableau server to another without generating the local copy of the extract. It further, lists the steps to modify and publish the existing data source without creating an extract on local machine.


    When migrating a dashboards and reports from a Tableau Server to another, the connection needs to be modified to reference new data source. Typically, any modifications to the data source will cause an extract to regenerate, before the workbook can be published, adding hours to each workbook migration.


    1. Download the workbook from the server
    2. On any worksheet, right click the data source in the Data tab and select “Create Local Copy”
    3. Save the local copy of the data to preferred location
    4. Right-click the local copy and select “Replace Data Source…”
    5. Ensure that “Replacement” is set to the local copy and click “Ok”
    6. Right-click the original data source and select “Close” (Close the data source in the above example )
    7. Right-click the local copy and select “Rename”, then change the name to match that of the original data source.
    8. Click the data source tab on the bottom of the tableau workbook
    9. Log on to the target server when prompted. (Enter the connection information for the target server)
    10. Any modification to the data source tab will lead the extract to be generated. Click the tab for any worksheet or workbook, which will cause the workbook to try to regenerate the extract based on the new data source
    11. Cancel the extract
    12. Right-click the data source and select “Use Extract”
    13. Click the “Server” on menu bar and verify the server name before publishing the report. Ensure you have signed in to the correct server.
    14. Publish the data source and workbooks. While publishing the data    source make sure tableau provides an option of “Refresh Schedule (Full Extract)”, this option would confirm the data source being published is an extract and not a live connection.
    15. Make sure you set a refresh schedule so that the extract can be regenerated later, once it’s on the server


    Note: When an extract is migrated to the server ensure that the full refresh is executed before scheduling incremental loads.


    The above steps would allow to publish workbooks to server without generating the extracts on local machine and will eliminate the need to pre-generate an extract before uploading the data on server.

    Follow steps 8-16, to publish a new extract to tableau server.