OSX tabcmd 10.5

Version 2

    Let us try different with the same

    The goal was to achieve the same experience to use.'tabcmd' as in other OSs, very fluid as it should be running tabcmd commands.

    Based on the thread Re: TabCmd on Linux the solution provided by Jeff Solomon fits nicely, with just a few adjustments


    1) prepare your home~ environment

    Create a hidden ".tableau" folder structure as in linux

    > cd ~/

    > mkdir .tableau

    > mkdir .tableau/tabcmd


    2) get the tabcmd 'jar' file from an tabcmd windows installation

    This is the easiest way to acquire the tabcmd jar file, and put the jar into the tableau folder to guarantee you'll find it later

    Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 04.34.10.png


    3) create a suitable folter to store the jar file

    A good way to identify the version we are working with, regarding compatibility


    > cd ~/

    > ls -lR .tableau

    total 0

    drwxr-xr-x  2 osxuser staff  64 May 10 03:12 tabcmd << where the work goes

    drwxr-xr-x  3 osxuser staff  96 May  9 23:45 tc105  << folder to store tabcmd





    total 12360

    -rwxr-xr-x@ 1 osxuser staff  6328239 Apr  4 15:20 app-tabcmd-latest-jar.jar


    4) create a shell script to call the java application

    Creating a shell script is good way to preserve the commands and organize your work, further changes can be easily applied


    > more tabcmd105.sh


    java -Xmx64m -Xss2048k -Djsse.enableSNIExtension=false -Dpid=$$ \

      -Dconsole.codepage=$LANG -Dconsole.cols=$COLUMNS \

      -Dlog.file=$HOME/.tableau/tabcmd/tabcmd.log \

    -Dsession.file=$HOME/.tableau/tabcmd/tabcmd-session.xml \

      -Din.progress.dir=$HOME/.tableau/tabcmd \

      -jar "$HOME/.tableau/tc105/app-tabcmd-latest-jar.jar" "$@"

    > Attention-> environment configuration


    5) create an alias entry in the general profile to call the tabcmd shell script

    Under osx prompt, use "sudo vi /etc/profile" Use your preferred editor (vi/nano/ed/vim)

    > more /etc/profile

    # System-wide .profile for sh(1)

    ... current content ...

    alias tabcmd='./tabcmd105.sh "$@"' << this line will do the trick



    Let's try it then...

    Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 04.30.15.png



    This procedure took place a few days ago, basic use to maintain structure, site, users, get, export files, have been tested.

    So far, so good !