Tableau Prep for Students and Instructors FAQ

Version 6

    Tableau Prep is the visual, direct, and smart way to clean and shape your data for analysis. Prep will now be available to everyone who qualifies for Tableau's Academic Programs starting May 1, 2018.


    You can combine and clean data, and operationalize a data flow. Once data has been cleaned, Tableau Desktop can connect to the prepared files. Licenses are available for instructors, students and computer labs.


    Students will have access to Tableau Desktop and Prep.


    Instructors will have access to Tableau Desktop, Prep and Online (students can receive Online publishing permissions through their instructors). Instructors can also request a Tableau Online site to help manage their course(s). Sites are issued for one year in length and allow for 100 users at once. A single Tableau Online site can be used to manage multiple courses.


    Frequently Asked Questions


    About Tableau Prep


    Requesting new keys




    About Tableau Prep


    What is Tableau Prep?

    Tableau Prep empowers more people to get to analysis faster by helping them quickly and confidently combine, shape, and clean their data. A direct and visual experience gives customers a deeper understanding of their data, smart features make data prep simple, and integration with the Tableau analytical workflow allows for faster speed to insight.


    Is Tableau Prep a traditional ETL tool?

    Prep is not a traditional ETL tool, instead, this is continues to broaden Tableau’s data preparation capabilities. For some people, this may mean a combination of ETL tools, Tableau Prep and Tableau Desktop is used in their analytic journey. Traditional data preparation tools are developed for specialists or highly technical users.  Tableau Prep is designed to be direct, visual, and to make a difficult task simple.


    What does the inclusion of Tableau Prep in the Academic program mean for my course curriculum? Is it outdated?

    We always offer the most up-to-date versions of Tableau Desktop, and now we are incorporating additional tools for you to use in your class. Tableau Prep may be relevant for some classes, but not all.


    What resources are available for Prep?

    There are many free learning resources available:


    Is Tableau Prep backwards compatible?


    Tableau Prep is compatible with Tableau Desktop 10.0 or newer. It can output .tde, .hyper and .csv files. Learn more about Tableau Prep's compatibility here


    Requesting new keys

    How do I get access to Tableau Prep?

    New licenses can be requested through the Academic Programs online forms


    I already have an academic license key, will my current key activate Tableau Prep?

    No, your current key will only activate versions of Tableau Desktop. New licenses will have to be requested if you want to work with Tableau Prep


    How long is my new key valid for?

    Students obtaining a new license key through Tableau for Students will have access to Tableau Desktop and Prep for one year. Instructor's individual license keys, and lab keys will stay valid for one year. Bulk class licenses (also referred to as bulk student license keys) will stay valid for the length of the course




    Where can I find out more about Tableau Prep?

    Use these free learning resources:


    Additional learning and teaching resources will become available for students and instructors soon.