@Mention Etiquette Guide

Version 2

    A cool feature in the Tableau Community Forums is the ability to bring another person into the conversation, a kind of ‘tap on the shoulder’ to let someone know you would like their attention and be part of it.  Like any useful feature it can be improperly used and as a consequence become so bothering that it gets ignored.  This is a short etiquette guide to using the @Mention feature.


    Below is a list of appropriate usage of @Mention:

    - To give credit to someone, mainly by combining a @Mention and a direct reference to the thread/external source (much like a citation in a scientific paper).

                    Ex.  It was the blog post Opinion:  The Zen-effect by Toby Erkson that helped me understand why she left the community.


    - For additional expert help by pinging/reaching-out to someone who is a knowledgeable, subject-specific resource.  This shouldn’t be used for every single case a thread poster thinks is tough but for tricky/edge-case problems.

                    Ex.  Gently pinging Toby as he has his hands dirty doing a lot of TS stuff.


    - The person you are pinging has specifically told you to @Mention them.

                    Ex.  Hey Toby, you said to ping you if this particular issue came up…well, it happened!


    - If multiple people have answers in a thread and you use @Mentions to identify and reference each individual's contributions.

                    Ex.  Toby Erkson, your answer fixed part of it but Bill Lyons answer solved both issues.  Thanks to both of you!



    Below is a list of inappropriate usage of @Mention, meaning, please do not do this:

    - Mentioning someone or a group of people in the opening (original question) post.

    - Mentioning someone or a group of people on every – or almost every – thread.

    - Mentioning someone or a group of people who are not knowledgeable about the subject at hand.

    - Mentioning someone simply because you see them often and/or they happen to Answer many threads.

    - Mentioning Tableau executives.


    Please remember that the majority of people in the Tableau Community Forums are volunteers a.k.a. "Helpers" -- people who have paying jobs that take priority but come to the forums to help out others as best they can.  These Helpers typically do see many threads and will respond to the ones where they think they can help so calling them out by pinging/@Mentioning them is generally unnecessary.