A workbook for identifying inactive users

Version 1

    I have seen many customers looking to identify why users once needed access to Tableau Server, and no longer have interaction on Server. There are many ways to track this, but we decided to track even passive user activity using historical data.


    In order for this workbook to work, the following requirements need to be followed:


    1. Auditing.enabled = true
    2. The users are in a licensed role
    3. Does not belong to an "Archive" project (projects we've created to specifically preserve older content)



    1. Auditing.enabled = true
    2. The users are in a licensed role
    3. You've already opened up Tableau Server's internal reporting database.

    How to publish:

    1. Open InActiveUsers.twb, attached
    2. If prompted to sign in to your Tableau Server, go ahead and do so.
    3. When prompted for database credentials, click "Edit Connection"
    4. Set the server name to your Tableau Server PostgreSQL Repository host, and the password to whatever you set that password to be on your server
      1. This query may run a long time--for larger installations I suggest taking a data extract and refreshing it on a schedule
    5. Set the parameter:
      1. Adjust the Number of Days since last activity parameter maximum to match wgserver.audit_history_expiration_days (default is 183)
    6. Adjust the dashboard action filter:
      1. Select the Dashboard
      2. On the top select Dashboard>Actions>Manage Users for this site>Edit
      3. replace the text 'myserverURL' with your own server URL
    7. Publish it to Tableau Server
    8. Test!
    9. Enjoy

    Caveats / warnings:

    1. The current filters are for a test site, and there may be new roles not present in the current filters
    2. The data being used isn't performant enough (at our scale at least) to use live, so we have to extract it. This means that users don't get immediate feedback if they're trying to preserve content and get it to fall off the "chopping block", which can be confusing.
    3. This accounts for passive activity as well, so subscriptions sent will also consider the users as 'active'.
    4. The URL action that opens the user page only works for active sites, and not for All sites
    5. Version 10.2 or higher only
    6. Use at your own risk--no warranties or guarantees, explicit or implied.