Server Resource Manager (SRM) configuration

Version 1

    I found out that SRM thresholds are configurable but the default settings don’t appear in the workgroup.yml.


    The settings for CPU are
    something like this:


    tabadmin set
    native_api.cpu_limit_enabled True/False (to disable cpu monitoring, it is true
    by default)

    tabadmin set
    native_api.cpu_limit_max_duration_minutes XX

    tabadmin set
    native_api.cpu_limit_percentage XX


    and are similar for memory:


    tabadmin set
    native_api.memory_limit_enabled True/False

    per process:

    tabadmin set

    or overall

    tabadmin set
    native_api.memory_limit_all_processes_gb (If tableau processes are taking up
    over 95% of system memory the highest memory process is recycled).



    There is also a setting which
    you can enable which recycles the processes during a time window, you set the
    beginning and the end time and the processes monitored by SRM are restarted at
    some point during that window.


    tabadmin set

    tabadmin set

    tabadmin set native_api.recycling_time_end