How to Pass Parameter(s) to Custom SQL Query through action filter

Version 1

    By passing parameters to Custom SQL Query from the source table to you destination table,

    you can solve following issues

                                  - Two different data sources (SQL) which can not be simply joined, maybe because of the volume of the data

                                  - Have to use Live Connection

    and also improve the performance of the dashboard.

    Since you won't need to dump all the data in which will slow opening and rendering the dashboard, it only returns and displays the one you click.


    Source Table

    - Source Table can be anything, use any type of data, live or extract.

    - As long as there is a common field from Source Table to the Destination Table, you can pass it as a parameter by clicking



    Destination Table

    Data Source: Use Custom SQL Live Connection


    Step 1: Connect to the Custom SQL Query using live connection  and create the parameter you want to pass values to

    For example,

    The default value for the <> can be anything.

    In this example, I set 1 as the default value.


    Step 2:  Make the Destination Sheet

    Step 3: Publish the Destination Sheet only to Tableau Server  and Copy Paste the URL (e.g.

    Step 4: Create URL Action Filter from Source Table

    The URL will be similar to<Id>&:embed=true&toolbar=no


    Step 5: Drag and Drop 'Web Page' to somewhere below the Source Table and Leave URL blank


    That's it!!

    You can also pass multiple parameters using this method. Just like following, add a Type parameter to pass:<Id>&Type=<Type>&:embed=true&toolbar=no



    Here are the end results:



    Not click anything:

    Click on Id = 3