2/28/2018 BTUG Presentations

Version 3

    Video of Steve Wexler's presentation:

    link to video: Steve Wexler BTUG 2018-02-28 on Vimeo

    link to workshop registration: https://bbodboston.eventbrite.com

    promo code: TUG10

    other thoughts: Balancing Accuracy, Engagement, and Tone


    Gordon Strodel's Maestro presentation

    presentation: (attached)

    link to data files: http://bit.ly/2FbRk6i

    link to Maestro Beta: Project Maestro | Tableau Software


    Jessie Clark's Alteryx presentations:

    data sources:


    screenshot of Alteryx flow: (attached)

    Alteryx workbook: (attached - requires Alteryx desktop)