Data source recommendations now on Tableau Online!

Version 1

    Hello Tableau Online Community!


    Guess what? Data source recommendations has arrived on Tableau Online! This popular feature on Tableau Server is now available on Tableau Online for the first time. If you haven’t already, you should begin to see recommendations popping up soon in a Tableau Online site near you.


    Ever wonder which data sources you might need to do your work? Now you’ll can have some clarity on which to choose. Powered by machine learning, data source recommendations help you sort through the clutter to find the data source that is right for your analysis.


    Recommendation rankings are personalized to you, learning which data sources you, and people like you in your organization, have used in the past on your Tableau Online site.


    DSRec 04.jpg


    The benefits extend to your IT team as well. IT will have fewer headaches, as they see greater reuse of existing, high quality data sources. When you’ve gone through all the hard work to make great data accessible, why not give it a little promotion? Data source recommendations does just that, and to an audience who can benefit from it.


    If you haven’t already, check out all the great new functionality in 10.5!