Why Your Question Didn't Get Answered

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    Reasons Your Question Didn't Get Answered


    1. You didn’t post a packaged (.twbx) workbook.
      • If your data is confidential, make up some sample data or mock-up your problem using the Superstore Sales data.
    2. The workbook you posted (.twb) doesn't have any data in it – see #1.
    3. Your question is too vague. Please provide more details: including showing or explaining what you've tried, a mockup of your goal, and/or a mockup of your data. A lack of detail here might imply that you want someone else to do your work.
      • If you are asking "How do I find X in my data?" you're going to have to describe your data structure, shape, granularity, and/or sparseness in more detail, or better yet, provide a packaged workbook - see #1.
    4. You didn’t adequately describe the outcome you are looking for.
    5. The screenshot you provided didn’t reveal your pill layout or data connections. Please provide a screenshot of the entire Tableau window. If you are asking a question about table calculations, include the Compute Using settings. Or, better yet, provide a packaged workbook - see #1.
    6. Either this can't be done, or nobody knows how to do it, or nobody who does know how saw the question. You might try replying to your own question with either "Bump" or "Can anyone help?", That will bump it to the top of the stack where someone will likely see it. Or of course you can always contacting Tableau tech support.
    7. [Deleted. Content moved to 3.]
    8. Posting a text table in your question can be helpful, but posting an Excel file is better. Not all text tables can be easily copy/pasted into Excel. The more of the "grunt work" you do for us, the more likely you are to get help.  These formats also work: text file, CSV, or Excel file; anything we can connect to in Tableau data directly. Of course #1 is even better (you do the grunt work and we'll do the hard work).


    Why Do We Keep Asking for a Packaged Workbook??


    The reason why users on the forums and Tableau tech support ask for packaged workbooks is that Tableau is a highly flexible, extremely visual tool, and your data and goals can be complicated. Sometimes the answer to your question can be reached via a different route through the software than you were thinking, or there's something about your data that doesn't get transmitted through the text of a forum post. When we can see what you're seeing, we can be faster to getting you the right answer.