Dynamic Spatial Binning

Version 4



    Sometimes you have points on a map that you want to aggregate, but they don't fall into the state/city/zip hierarchy. This calc provides a way to dynamically bin/group points on a map. The size of the bin is determined by a parameter, so it's easy to adjust for your scenario.


    Example Calculation:


    // create two calculations that round the lat/long based on a parameter


    LatBucket: ROUND(POWER(10, [LatLongLoD]) * [Latitude])

    LongBucket: ROUND(POWER(10, [LatLongLoD]) * [Longitude])


    Assumes a parameter called LatLongLoD.


    Put the fields LatBucket and LongBucket on the level of detail.

    Put the original lat/long fields on the row/column shelves. The pills should default to Avg Lat/Long, which is just what we want, as it will show the average location of the items in the bin.

    Show the parameter controls for LatLongLoD


    On public: http://public.tableausoftware.com/views/DynamicSpatialBinning/Dash?%3Aembed=y


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