Convert Hex String to Number

Version 3


    Tableau's built in functions do not include support for hex representations of numbers.

    This calculation converts a hex string to an integer.

    Example Calculation:

    Given a string of hex digits, first define a calculated field [Pad Hex], as follows:

    RIGHT("00000000" + UPPER([Hex]), 8)

    Then define this calculation in terms on the resulting zero padded and upper case string.


    (ASCII(RIGHT([Pad Hex],1))-IIF(ASCII(RIGHT([Pad Hex],1))<58,48,55))*(16^0)+
    (ASCII(RIGHT([Pad Hex],2))-IIF(ASCII(RIGHT([Pad Hex],2))<58,48,55))*(16^1)+
    (ASCII(RIGHT([Pad Hex],3))-IIF(ASCII(RIGHT([Pad Hex],3))<58,48,55))*(16^2)+
    (ASCII(RIGHT([Pad Hex],4))-IIF(ASCII(RIGHT([Pad Hex],4))<58,48,55))*(16^3)+
    (ASCII(RIGHT([Pad Hex],5))-IIF(ASCII(RIGHT([Pad Hex],5))<58,48,55))*(16^4)+
    (ASCII(RIGHT([Pad Hex],6))-IIF(ASCII(RIGHT([Pad Hex],6))<58,48,55))*(16^5)+
    (ASCII(RIGHT([Pad Hex],7))-IIF(ASCII(RIGHT([Pad Hex],7))<58,48,55))*(16^6)+
    (ASCII(RIGHT([Pad Hex],8))-IIF(ASCII(RIGHT([Pad Hex],8))<58,48,55))*(16^7)

    [Hex] - a string field or parameter, from 1 to 8 characters long, containing only valid hex digits (0-9, A-F, a-f).



    Note that the calculation does not attempt to validate that the input string is not greater than 8 characters long and that it only contains valid hex characters. If either of those conditions is not met the result will be incorrect.


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    Convert Number to Hex String.


    Further Reading/Examples:

    This calculation is based on one developed in this forum thread.