Resolving Issues in the Tableau Community

Version 14

    Keeping our community a fun and vibrant place means having a clear way to handle questions about conduct as well as suggestions for improving how things run.


    Below is a guide that gives easy steps for resolving the most common questions about the Tableau Community.



    Where is the most appropriate place to ask questions about how the Tableau Community operates?

    Getting Started in the Forums It's our dedicated discussion area for all things non-product related including ideas for improving the site as well as talking about things like etiquette and conflict resolution. Feel free to start a new discussion and ask anything you want.  Don't be surprised to get feedback from both Tableau employees as well as other community members.



    I have an idea on how to improve the Forums/Groups/Ideas/Viz Talk/Profiles area.  Where can I submit my feedback?

    The Ideas section inside of the "Getting Started" space was specifically built for this.  It allows people to give us input on things they think we should change and then lets the rest of the Community vote on the suggestions as well.  That way everyone is informed and the Community Managers know what is most important to folks. Submit a new idea by clicking the "Create an idea link."

    Create an idea.png



    I'm uncomfortable with something someone said in the forums and think it should be removed.  What is the process?

    Report the comment or thread by using the "Report Abuse" button.  This will notify the community managers and allow them to review it.


    If you're unsure whether something should be reported or not, review the Tableau Community Etiquette guidelines and use your best judgement.



    There is a conversation happening in the Forums or Viz Talk space that I think is more appropriate to have in "Getting Started".  What is a polite way to recommend to the participants that they continue it there?

    The best way to handle something like this is to simply say...

    This is great feedback about the site. You should definitely start a thread/submit an idea about it in the Getting Started space so that the community managers are sure to see it.

    Or if you are the originator of the thread itself...

    Hey Everyone - this conversation has drifted into some really cool possibilities about improving the forums.  I've started a new thread about it here in Getting Started so that other folks see it.  Let's keep the talk going there.



    I want to call a community manager's attention to a discussion publicly within a message.  Is there an easy way to do that?

    Yes there is.  If you have chosen to 'Follow' one of the community managers then simply type the'@' symbol and you should see a list of all the people you are following including either   Amanda Boyle,Ciara Brennan or Stephen Munoz. Choosing either one of their names will create a 'Mention' of them which triggers an email into their inbox with your full comment.  If you aren't actively following them you can always use the 'Insert Link' button, search for them and then link them that way.

    When is it okay to email a community manager directly?

    Anytime you want.   We love hearing from community members.  If it's specific feedback about the site itself we may direct you back to the Getting Started space, but only to make sure your ideas can be seen by others.  If you ever have an issue that you want to discuss with us, but aren't comfortable doing so in an open forum setting, then, by all means, contact us directly.


    The best and quickest way to reach us is to email the whole team at



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