Tableau Community Etiquette

Version 5


         -Aretha Franklin                                          


    The Tableau Community consists of people from different countries, cultures, and beliefs, with varying levels of expertise.  Because of this, our community is a vibrant and incredible place. It is also because of this that we must work hard to ensure all of our interactions are centered around supporting one another.


    What do we mean by this?

    Being straightforward, sincere and assuming the best of intentions, despite differences in opinions, are what makes this community successful and are the standards that we should all hold each other to. Keep in mind that each perspective still deserves the same level of courtesy and even well-meaning people can and do make mistakes.



    Community Code:


    • Respect others.
    • Assume good faith.
    • Share what you know.
    • Be good to "newbies." We were all new once.
    • Encourage each other; recognize and praise good work.
    • Attract and honor good, knowledgeable people.
    • Ask for help and help others in return.
    • Set a good example.




    **Personal insults, verbal attacks, and generally disrespectful, offensive, or abusive messages will be edited or deleted by forum moderators. Repeated violations will result in temporary suspension of forum access, eventually leading to being banned from forums. Spam messages will be deleted immediately, and the user account will be disabled in the forums. To report inappropriate behavior or content, click the "Report Abuse" link.