The Tableau Community Canvas

Version 4

    What is it?

    Ever have a great idea about how to make it easier to communicate with other forum users? Or maybe you noticed something that shouldn't happen, i.e. the image you posted in your thread disappeared. This is the place to voice all things related to the Community site itself. It separates the forums for Tableau Products from the forums for the nuts and bolts of the Tableau Community.


    Why Community “Canvas”?

    Canvas is a homophone whose two meanings incorporate  key elements into what this space should be used for.


    1. A canvas is a piece of  cloth framed as a surface for a painting.  Each member of the Tableau  Community has a vision of what it should look like and should have the  opportunity to share what that vision is.
    2. Canvass means to examine in detail; discuss or debate. We want to make sure that as a community we listen to all ideas and feedback. Based on this feedback the decisions that are made can more closely reflect the discussions had here.


    By having all of these comments, discussions and ideas in one place, Tableau is able to listen, give responses and hopefully implement the things that matter most to our Community.



    Please be mindful of the Community Etiquette when posting within this space.