Get Ready for the Tableau Online Upgrade to 10.5

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    Hey, Tableau Online data rockstars – Tableau 10.5 is coming soon to Tableau Online! With Tableau 10.5, you’ll get access to Hyper, our blazing fast data engine technology bringing faster extract and query performance.


    Analytics at Hyper speed


    Hyper allows you to create data extracts and refresh that data faster than ever, ensuring you’ll always be working with the freshest data. And with improved query performance, there are no interruptions to your analytical flow.


    We’re also launching data source recommendations, which will be available shortly after launch. Powered by machine learning, data source recommendations help you find the data source that fits your analysis.


    Also, viz in tooltip is coming to a tooltip near you. Add deeper insights by filling out the story with a simple hover. Nested projects and improvements to Bridge are also in the mix, and that’s just to name a few of the exciting updates coming your way.



    Now is the time to prepare to upgrade your clients

    Tableau Online will be upgrading soon, which means it’s also time to start planning your Tableau Desktop and Tableau Bridge upgrades. Tableau Online automatically upgrades at launch. But your Tableau clients – like Tableau Desktop or Tableau Bridge – need to be upgraded by you. This is a very important step for Tableau Online customers and is strongly recommended by your friends here at Tableau.


    Why should you do this? Upgrading and maintaining parity with the new Tableau Online version will help you avoid any compatibility issues between older client versions and Tableau Online 10.5. This is crucially important so your team can seamlessly access important data they need to do their jobs, without any hiccups.


    Additionally, upgrading your team’s version of Tableau Desktop will help them take full advantage of all the great new functionality in 10.5.


    Last but not least, the newest version of Tableau Online leverages the new .hyper extract files when possible. While Tableau Online can read both old and new extract files, older Tableau clients cannot open the new Hyper files. Don’t let your team lose access to the data they need.


    What do you need to know?

    We know upgrading Bridge and Desktop takes considerable time to plan, so we wanted to let you know early so you could plan ahead. Here’s some information you should be aware of as you prepare for the Tableau Online upgrade.


    • Extracts in the .hyper format take advantage of an improved data engine, which provides lightning fast query performance and extract creation.
    • Older Tableau clients can’t open .hyper files. So upgrading your clients is important.
    • Plan to upgrade your Tableau clients as soon as you can after the update to Tableau 10.5.
    • Be sure to read any email messages from us regarding this update. When we’re a little closer to launch we’ll let you know.
    • Forward this post to anyone you think should read it to get your team ready for the update.


    Want a sneak peak? Join 10.5 beta program today.